Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Monster

This week Harrison and I have not been feeling the best so we are a little house burnt so I have been pulling out all the bells finding something to do. I bought this monster a couple months ago at Tuesday Morning for $1.99 and it was a hit.
This is what came in the box. Everything you needed for the project. So we went to work after we finished with "school work" today. There are several different "monsters". I looked online and they were $4-$8 each. If I find anymore good deals I will be grabbing them up.

You might notice the paint and crayons on the table, and I have had several people ask where I let Harrison do all his crafts. I got this table and chairs (2) at IKEA about a year or year and half ago for $70 and it has been great. Not that I want him to write on furniture but this allows him to enjoy his tasks and I don't have to stress about the mess. I also have foam mats under the table for easy clean up.

This monster has gained a spot in Harrison's Heart and his bed tonight.

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CJA said...

so cute! i love this!