Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 CLEAN OUT --- trash bag

I am bound and determined to get this house cleaned out and organized over the next few weeks. We have WAY too much stuff and I am worn out from cleaning, picking it up, and moving it. So I am going blog about some of the steps I am taking not to show everyone what I am doing but in hopes it will keep me accountable and keep me going. No our house is not nasty, we don't have things piled to the ceiling but I feel like ALL I do is CLEAN and PICK UP. Some people just have the gift of keeping things neat NOT MY FAMILY, so I am trying to clean out and stay that way.

I recently found a new blog (they sell products too) that is really easy to follow and easy steps. I used to look at and they have some good ideas but it was just TOO MUCH for me. It seemed to just add more work to what I was already doing.

One ideas (which I do this fairly often anyway) is is to simply get a trash bag and take it through your house, and don't stop till it is full. I just walked through the house grabbed trash, broken toys I saw laying about, opened every closet, I tossed a couple rolls of wrapping paper that I had been saving but really did not have enough on them to wrap anything larger than a DVD, metal hangers, John left laying on the floor, emptied one bathroom trash can etc. you get the picture. I did this one Sunday after I was dressed and waiting for it to be time to go to church, so see it does not take much time. I probably took more time blogging about it than it took to fill my bag.

So grab a bag and fill it up. THEN CLOSE it and TAKE IT OUT no looking back. If you want to you can leave a comment that you did it too if you want a bit of accountability too.

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