Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This and That

Last night after a long day of playing John took Harrison to get his haircut and he fell asleep in the chair while she was cutting his hair. My question is how can sleeping 3 mins like this keep him up for 3 hours after bed time? He is fighting naps and not taking them most days but falls asleep about dinner time then at bedtime he has had enough nap that he can't go back to sleep.

Yesterday Harrison's friend Olivia spent the day with us while here Brother had to have some tests ran. It was a speech and OT day but Olivia hung with us like a champ. They did get to have some good playtime once we got home. She is just too cute and Harrison LOVES here. When it was time for Harrison to go back for speech, Olivia told him "Harrison you go do a good job preaching" Kids are just too cute.

The end of last week my cousin Becki and her little man Samuel came up for a visit. We headed tot he zoo and water park the boys had fun but it was oh so HOT and CROWDED.

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