Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Full Circle -- Peas

Harrison planted the Pea seeds a couple of months ago and today we got to pick our first few. He was able to help pick them and he LOVES to hull peas. Of coarse he eats as many as he hulls.

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So this afternoon we sat on the patio hulling peas and then feed the hulls to the chickens and bunnies. Then it was time to go in and make of Harrison's favorite meals for his dinner with the peas and broccoli he picked today. I think Harrison would eat "Chinese Noddles" everyday if I would fix them. It took a little time to find gluten free options for this dish but now he is happy to have brown Chinese noodles.

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Lesley said...

Hey! I'm very jealous of your good looking garden! We planted our first this year and it's not too impressive so far! We are learning though :)

I've been reading back through your last few post and enjoyed catching up on you all! Looks like your little man is really growing-looks like such a sweetie!
Hope you all are all doing well!