Monday, June 7, 2010

Green Freak

I have had several people lately asking about how we eat and organic stuff etc. So I thought I would post a bit about it. We do as much Organic and Whole Food as possible. I would LOVE to stay that is all we ate but we just can't afford it right now and we enjoy eating out which when we do, we have no control over the quality of the food. I get and put up as much in season fruits and veggies as I can and thanks to my Dad we get fresh grass fed beef. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER when we eat organic/whole foods and I know Harrison does too. Even thought John would never admit it I think he does too. Here are a few post from the old blog with my thoughts and some great links.
This book is GREAT it tells what vitamins, minerals, etc that is in the Best Whole foods, when they are in season and how to fix them. It also gives the vitamins, minerals, etc and what functions they serve our bodies, why we need those types of foods, what are symptoms of deficiency and how to get more of it by using whole foods.
Nourishing Traditions, will change how you look at your food. It talks about how illness etc are caused by our diets and compares our diets to how people ate hundreds of years ago. It is very interesting and I need to read it again. I do not follow everything in it since its ideas are so far from our diets today but slowly we add the ideas to our way of eating.
Here are a few of the websites I like to visit

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