Thursday, December 15, 2011

And they GROW

Harrison and His Dog are best buddies, just as we had hoped. And while the dog has cramped our style (not being able to just drop what we are doing and go somewhere for a day or two etc)  and our wallet a bit, Our boy LOVES them and that makes it all worth it.

Murdoch is 1 today and is almost 70 pounds and all thing considering we could not asked for a  better dog. Yes there is alot of "waste" to clean up in the yard, boarding and grooming bills (which also grow as he grows), extra trips home to let the dog out, and a few toys have been chewed up along with a couple pairs or shoes, but he is VERY laid back and calm. We got the dog earlier than we had planned but I think we picked well.

and in the past 7 months since Murdoch has been in our family he and Harrison have both GROWN and GROWN!

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