Monday, April 11, 2011


 Saturday we went to John's parents to visit with some family. John's Mom (aka Nini) had all three of her sisters in and we celebrated Aunt Betty's 70th birthday day.

 Harrison got some new train goodies, including Murdoch the train, which is who our dog is named after.
 Here are all th sisters. Nini (Flo), Ellen, Betty, & Caroline. They also have a brother that did not make it and a sister that has passed away.

 Papa & Nini and Murdoch the dog went along for the ride since John had an appointment in Bowling Green on the way down, we had planned on dropping off a wedding gift at another friends house, a trip to the dairy, and stopped to visit with some old neighbors.


Jennifer Burgett said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend but.....YOU WERE IN BOWLING GREEN????? :)

Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

We stopped for about 30 mins in BG on the way down to TN to get some paperwork signed. Then stopped in Franklin for about 30 mins on the way home. it was a LONG day :)

Jennifer Burgett said...

Sounds like it!!!