Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First T Ball Game

I don't have a lot of time and I am worn slap out but thought the Grandparents might like some pictures from tonight T ball game. They have only had a hand full of practices due to the weather but they had fun.

 On the way to the game. I realized as I was dressing a 4 year old for T ball in WHITE pants that he  has NO WHITE underwear. I took the lightest color I could find and turned them inside out. But by the end of the game since his wet his pants I was glad he had white pants on so no one could see. Then when We got home again I was not liking the white pants I as tried to get the dirt and grass stains out :)
 John's Office is sponsoring Harrison Team and the Team's Name is the REDS
 Warming up

 In The Dugout

 Batting, below notice the bat is PAST the ball  :)
 In the Outfield

 Game over and slushie to end the night

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