Monday, November 1, 2010

Mississippi Part 2 Birthday Party

While we were in Mississippi we had a Barn birthday Party for Harrison and Olivia whose birthdays are just 8 days apart and they REALLY missed each other on their birthdays and party days so we did it up right.

We had to make some cupcakes so while they both had cupcakes, Harrison's had blue wrappers, and was a chocolate GF cake with cream cheese icing with Robot sprinkles. Olivia's was confetti cake with strawberry icing with princess sprinkles and they method of decorating was WAY different.
But they were both happy with their end results. And Olivia did not even have to wash her hands when she was done while Harrison had to have a BATH. Boys and Girls are just so different.
There were about 25 people at the party and plenty of horse rides for everyone.

The birthday boy and girl.

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Carla said...

Love that last picture! So adorable!