Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Buzz Lightyear vs. Woody....
This year Harrison wanted to be something from Toy Story 3 I suggested Woody and he would not hear it. He wanted to be Buzz Lightyear or alien. So we settled on on Buzz and John's mom made a super cool superhero cape. So off we went to the October fest at church on Saturday.

Cousin Matthew joined in on the fun

But Sunday night he said it was the real Halloween so he needed to dress up again. We also had a dress up party Friday night so he wore his Thomas outfit from last year since it was an outside event so he would not freeze as buzz. With this being said I think he thought he could only wear a costume once. So since it was "real" Halloween he wanted to go "happy trick or treating" and he wanted to be Woody. So this is what we could come up with before heading out the door. Guess it is a good thing he thinks he is a cowboy daily.

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