Friday, October 8, 2010

World Equestrian Games

Yesterday we went to The World Equestrian Games. Since right now Horses are Harrison's sport we thought this would give him a chance to see some things that he might never get to see again in person. These games are like the Olympics of the horse world, and riders and horses from all over the world where there to compete.
The worst part of the day was ALL THE WALKING but we were able to grab a couple of little rides. But we still walked miles while we were there.We went to a Vaulting event. We choose this event since none of us had seen it before and the tickets were reasonable since we had a little boy that we knew would not last for hours. Here is a video of some vaulting

It is amazing how strong these ladies are to do this.

And there countries were there to cheer them on.

Harrison had all this attention on the rink, at least for the first about 45 mins.

It was really something to see

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