Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Got to LOVE a good deal

We have a Kroger now which is fairly new to our small town. We have a GREAT health food section which IS SO GREAT! Which saves me many many trips to Whole Foods. I still have to go to Whole Foods at least once a month to get a few things but I can get SO MUCH at our Kroger. When you cook most all meals at home and from scratch having a good store close by makes life much easier. But while we have this GREAT health food section these items have a shorter shelf life than conventional food and I get LUCKY and find GREAT DEALS on the clearance rack. In this picture are a just a few deals over the past week or two.

Four Laundry Detergent, 3 dish soaps, 2 organic chicken broth boxes, all purpose cleaner, and a frebrezze type product. (which I have a few more of the last two) so what is in this picture retails for $60.25 and I paid $19.49 NOT TOO BAD for all natural Non-toxic products for my family.

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