Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cooking without Recipes

A few days ago I posted this and I have another "Cooking without recipes" Recipe. This Time of the year what comes in from the garden is what I try to put on the table for dinner. And for this Dinner I had gotten these Purple Bell Peppers that I wanted to use.

So, I slice up the purple peppers, a couple banana peppers from the garden, a green pepper from the garden and lots of onions also from the garden, and a few cloves of garlic, in a pan with a bit of Olive Oil.

I also had no plans for dinner so I put frozen chicken tenders in another pan with about covered with water and boiled till almost done. Then I sliced it up and added with the peppers and onions. I also cooked a few mushrooms in another pan for mine since John does not do mushrooms.

I added some garlic salt and Lime pepper.

And cooked till everything is as cooked as you like.

When everything was about done I added a can of black beans and a couple handfuls of frozen corn.

Severed over Muiltigrain Gluten Free chips (which is are GREAT I LOVE THEM) a bit of shredded cheese, chopped tomatoes and salsa.

This was SOOOOOO YUMMY. This is mine and Harrison's John was still working at dinner and I normally fix John and put it in the microwave if he is coming home shortly and in the fridge if it is going to be a while, but did not think he would want his chips yucky from all the good stuff.

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