Monday, May 3, 2010

How did I miss...

How did I miss getting a picture of all three of us with our lei's on , for that matter I could not get a good picture of all three of us the whole trip.

and a little beach fun, on our way to the airport, we wished we had found this beach at the beginning of the week, so we could spend lots of time here it was out of this world.

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Papa and Nini Parkhurst said...

We are glad that you are back home and had such a wonderful time getting to see the wonderful works of Gods hands. I wish I would of had more time than just a few hours when I was there. Seeing my family having such a great time and to see Harrison having such a great time makes for it though. So much I want to ask and say, Harrison and his Yukulele, I hope you can learn it and Matthew his guitar, you got the start of a band or just you two. Anxious for more pictures and finding your little beach just at the last, seems like that happins all the time. I still say you three are one of Gods GREAT looking Family and you can see your love of God in your faces. Harrison we can't wait to see you and have you tell us all about your trip and the fun things you got to do. Love Papa and Nini