Saturday, February 27, 2010

Odds and Ends

Well it is official...I have become the crazy lady that rides a three wheeled bicycle. When we lived in Franklin a neighbor rode around town on a three wheeled bike and she was a bit crazy, and now I am that lady just a few years younger. John bought me this bike which is a early Mother's Day present and He is getting a bike soon for a father's day gift and we can ride around with our baby. I just don't trust my body enough to be on two wheels along with Harrison so this is a good solution. and we can take picnics or other goodies when we ride. Harrison also got a box of goodies this week from his Papa and Nini so we have had a week of goodies.


Papa & Nini Parkhurst said...

We really enjoyed getting to see you and Harrison the other night and have supper and Harrison it was fun getting to play even if it was just for a little while. I am serious about you and me camping out in the back yard in the tent I gave you and maybe we can get Matthew to come too. It sounds like fun to Papa but it has to get warmer.
Ann Kelly, knowing my son he just might get a bike with a motor, so watch him. John your Daddy would love to have a bike like that one too. I am not to sure about getting on a bike with two wheels either and the ones at the Y just don't go anywhere. I really need one so I can get the exercise I need to.
This is a neet blog, I guess I need to learn how to build one. Later. By for now. Papa, Nini is asleep but I know she sends her love.

Papa and Nini said...
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