Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eathing Healthy on a Budget

A good blog and a good entry about Eating Healthy on a Budget. here And here are some tips for getting started on eathing healthier.

I know I may not be a size 4 but that does not make me unhealthy. I do a lot of reading, studying, research, what ever you want to call it on what goes in my body. Sure I still enjoy a Coke from time to time, old habits die hard. I do have a few books I would like to share with you but I don't have the time today. Four years ago I took up to 28 pills a day for my "health" yes I have lupus, yes it is serious but in order to get pregnant I had to get off all that and I had to learn ways to get healthy without the pills. I had to still function everyday. Now, don't get me wrong I don't think Medicine is bad but we seem to think a pill will solve everything. I am sure I will take some maintenance medication when I know I am not having any more babies but it will be very limited and only as I can't manage with diet.

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