Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Lots Goodies

I enjoy making trips to Big Lots, you never know what you might find. Now you have to keep in mind these are items that have been discontinued, change of packaging, or there is just too much. The trip to Big Lots shopping is know how much something costs else where. Just because something is at Big Lots does not mean it is a good deal. But there are good deals to be had.
In the top picture there is some 100% juice no sugar ($1.80), some organic sparking Lemonade ($1.50), three bags of corn pasta, which is gluten free ($1.20 each), Apple Chips, gluten free ($0.50 each, great for snacks for church since I am currently providing all snacks for all his classes), organic chicken broth ($1.50), 2 organic soy milk, the date was just the end of March but great for our trip this week ($1.50 each). Organic beans, Chex cereal, gluten free, Oriental BBQ sauce, sparking juice and water cans, and V8 Fusion juice for John.

And There is always dirt cheap scrap booking goodies and "school"stuff

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Leslie Miller said...

Funny you can find "gluten free" stuff at Big Lots because that is also where I find a lot of egg free stuff. Pasta is really hard to find because it is usually made in a factory with egg, but I can usually find "the free stuff" at Big Lots. I LOVE THAT PLACE!