Saturday, January 9, 2010

It is a good thing he is cute...

It is a good thing this kid living in our house is cute, because sometimes I wonder what planet he is visiting from :) We love him dearly and would not change him for the world but some days I wonder if God is looking down on us and just laughing.
This morning Harrison was at his school table for a little too long alone and came out with a "H" written on both hands. I told him not to write on himself and if he wrote more he would be getting in trouble. Is Answer, "Ok Mommy" then he come back out with hands over completely in green marker and if that was not bad enough he WHOLE nose and most of his face and even some hair was GREEN.
On a side note, what makes a three year old who does not like to be cold walk out in the snow when it is 15 degrees outside barefoot???
Nap time came and I was SO WANTING A NAP myself. I laid him down, went to my room to read and nap, and about the time I turned the lamp off to go to sleep here comes little feet down the hall and then for almost an hour and a half, he wold bring me "broke" toys for Daddy to fix, empty sippy cups, come just to turn the light on in my room, then to take back the toys he had brought in earlier. Each time I would send him back to his room, reminding him that he could not play outside with Daddy this afternoon if he did not take a nap. Finally after and hour and a half , two diaper changes and multiple trips back to his room, I GAVE UP. He did end up taking a nap once John came home but by then it was time to work on some dinner.
Then this evening I let him eat his dinner and watch a Thomas movie in the living room since John was not home. He went into the kitchen and was a little too quiet. I went to check on him and the refrigerator door was standing open (which is never a good sign) and he was at the counting cracking egg number 6. I mean really, what makes him think I need to stop eating and watching one of my favorite movies and go and start cracking eggs? He also told me that the "bak bak eggs are YUCK" which I am sure means he tasted them. and we still have almost 2 hours till bed time, I wonder what else may come up tonight :)
With all this said proves yet again that we are seeing benefits from attempting a gluten free diet. Yesterday at a Play date he had goldfish, pizza, and cookies. Which I am sure lead to some of today's behavior but that is a whole other post.

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