Wednesday, January 6, 2010


OK so I know that most level headed people would not dream of letting their 3 year old son play with their iPhone, but I guess I am not most :). John bought this phone from a friend when my Blackberry died. I morned the blackberry, I LOVED IT, I thought the iPhone was too much for me and wished for my blackberry. Then I started playing and finding apps for Harrison. It is so neat to watch him play games and sing songs with my phone. there are so many things that he can do which he thinks is just great fun but helps him practice his speech. He has all kinds of music, flashcards, recording his own words, counting and letter games, even reading activities that he really enjoys. It also gives us an activity when we are out and he begins to have a meltdown that he can sit still and clam down with. So my three year old is going to continue to play with my phone and might even have something similar one day soon of his own.

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Stephanie said...

Very cool, I didn't know they had apps like that!! :)