Saturday, January 30, 2010


If you know me you know that I am pretty picky about what Harrison wears. :) But there are a few tricks to getting higher quality clothes for him a reasonable prices. The past couple seasons I have been able to by some goods from my friend Ashlee which helps, and Jax either Has loads of clothes or he is much easier on them than Harrison because they all look almost new when I get them from her. But I do a few other things to help the budget too.

Gymboree --- I know if you look at their new lines they are very high, but they go on sale FAST, and I only buy them when they are on sale and when I have a coupon. I get shirts for $3-$7 etc and that is as cheap as walmart and they last much better. I Do buy most of his clothes the year prior so now I am buying things for next winter. Gymboree has $5 shipping so I do most of my gymboree shopping online. Now the trick with Gymboree is if I buy them on sale etc. I can put them on Ebay the year after Harrison wears them. And most of the time I get very close to what I paid for them and sometimes even more than I paid and Harrison worn them for the season to boot.

Gap -- I do the same thing with Gap which is my favorite. A good example is in the picture above one of the packages are a pair a pants that Harrison wore... I paid $4.99 for them and sold them on Ebay for $6

Ralph Lauren also sells well on Ebay. This round of selling I sold 2 Ralph Lauren shirts for $5 and $5 and I know I paid under $10 for them new.

I also just sold a throw pillow from Harrison's toddler bed. It was from Pottery barn, I paid $26 for it new 2 years ago and sold it this week on ebay for $26.50.

I do keep some of Harrison's clothes, jammies, socks, jeans, some play clothes, and the things I just love. I may have another little boy someday but I may not either so I don't want to hold to everything, and I also know if I have another one I will want to buy new. So I sell the things I know will be wroth it and we pass the rest on to friends with little boys.

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