Friday, October 12, 2012

6 year old Birthday Party (angry bird)

 This year we did not do a BIG birthday party like we have in the past for Harrison's birthdays. He requested to renew his zoo membership and decided to do that instead of a big party since he still wanted to get a "real gift" too. So we just had a few of the neighborhood kids over after school for cupcakes and ice cream and a couple games.
 Since this was not a BIG party I really did not want to spend hours on a great cake so we baked cupcakes and made butter cream icing and let the kids ice and decorate their own, just supplied bowls of icing and sprinkles, and gummies, and rolled the paper table cloth up and tossed when we were done. 

 I think they enjoyed it, I also just got pre packaged ice cream so there was NO dishes to clean up etc.

 We made "towers" and thew the angry birds  to knock them down.  Then instead of goodie bags the kiddos took home a "bird' and a "pig" home and it was a HIT (which I had found on clearance a couple months ago for a dollar a piece).

 And since he has wanted a pinata for the past 2 years and did not get one we picked this one up on sale a couple months ago when we thought we would have a big party so a few dollar tree goodies and they went to town  on it with a plastic bat.

 So this party did not take forever to prepare for or clean up after which is great and it did not cost a fortune and the kids had fun so it was a WIN WIN!

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