Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Off to School He Goes

 This week our lives as we know it has changed forever. Our Little Red Head Wonder has started Kindergarten. We are so excited for everything that he will learn and how he will grow. We are SO proud of the little boy he has become, that he has fought to overcome issues to excel and to be fully ready for this next step. BUT IT IS SO BITTERSWEET! For the past 5 years he has been with me everyday, we have enjoyed playmates, movies, trips to anywhere and everywhere wanted, days of not getting dressed and even weeks where we never left the house. We have both learned something everyday and how I have a empty house and I DO NOT LIKE IT!
 He was pretty excited to start school.  He is a little worried about how much homework he will have but once all his buddies went back to school he was ready, or at least he thought he was. After the first half day, he was not so sure. He said school was too long and too Boring. He LOVES to learn and I think he thought school would just be one big science experiment after another. We reassured him that the first couple days the teacher had to get to know everyone, and everyone had to learn their way around school and all the rules. Day 2 he was NOT very excited about  going but came home with a little better report. He said it was a little fun. So we pray that he comes to LOVE SCHOOL and that is challenges him and fosters is LOVE OF LEARNING.
 Since this is our first year of real school we had to set a couple traditions  to follow up with every year. So we will take pictures with the chalkboard with the grade, year, and and have him write his name every year. We can also see how he grows  in comparison with Murdoch, since the dog should be about done growing. I had wanted to add to the chalkboard what he wanted to be when he grew up but  thought we might not be able to see it all in a picture. Right now he wants to be and ARTIST.

 I had asked John to take off on the first day of school because I really did NOT want to come home alone to an empty house. So after we dropped the boy off John and I went to a bookstore and read/worked and had some coffee. Which was nice, after we picked Harrison up we all went out for lunch and then bowling. So it was  a fun day.

 In front of his new school, McFadden school of excellence.
 And with his teacher Mrs. Burgess.
 He sat down and went right to work.

 We LOVE our boy more than words can say, and we PRAY for a GREAT SCHOOL YEAR. Even if Mama's heart is breaking a little.

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