Sunday, August 5, 2012


 This past week John had a class in Atlanta for several days and a hotel so we tagged along. The hotel severed a free breakfast and even snacks in the evenings that we made our dinner and a kitchen in our room so we packed snacks and lunches  so we would not be spending a fortune  on meals. We did have subway one day for lunch and one dinner out our last night but not too bad for a 4 night stay. While John sat in a class all day Harrison and I enjoyed the sights. On the first day we went to the Natural History Museum and Harrison loved it. I LOVE that he enjoys learning so much. It was nice because it was not overly crowded which means we have time to sit and read every sign and learn all we can.
 Animals, dinosaur bones, and shells some of his favorite things.
 Then the second day John took the car keys with him by mistake so we went to Legoland since it was close to the hotel and we did not have the car. I thought this would be a 2-3 hour trip. I was wrong!!! 7 1/2  hours we were at Legoland and I don't think he ever really played with legos.
 For over 4 hours he made cars and raced them. He played and played and I sat and sat. He had a blast and I was glad to get to do some last minute fun things with him before school starts.
 Then the 3rd day we headed to the aquarium. He was SO EXCITED and it was SO CROWDED.  I thought this is where we would be for hours and hours but since it was so crowded he could not just sit and read all the information  and ask lots of questions so we went through it pretty fast. We still had a great time.

 This aquarium had 4 touch pools which is always a hit with Harrison.

 And he REALLY Like all the sharks.

John has been out of town SO MUCH, like in the past month and a half he has been home a total of 7 nights. So it was nice to at least see him in the evenings and for Harrison and I to get to see some new things. These are the things I am SO GOING TO MISS when school starts in a couple weeks. I LOVE doing these type of things with him. 

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