Sunday, July 22, 2012

New York City --- Around Town

We spent a lot of our New York trip walking around and enjoying the city views from the top of a double Decker bus. Harrison was NOT a fan of NYC. He said it was TOO BIG and he did not like that he had to hold our hands everywhere we went.
John and I enjoyed the visit which was a first for both of us but neither of us would want to live there. 3 days was about the right amount of time for me.

Harrison did really enjoy watching all the taxis from our hotel window. He could not believe that they were there ALL THE TIME.

We saw lots of landmarks .

Time square was not as "big" as we thought it would be. Really the whole city did not feel as big as I thought it would.

We also got off the bus at Chinatown but Harrison and I were both about ready to get back on the bus as soon as we got off. Just a bit too busy for me. 

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