Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This past week was Harrison's last week of preschool and graduation. He was SO EXCITED about gradation and I think the thought it was going to be a much bigger production than it was. But it was a good day. Mama even head up better than expected. This going off to school in the fall is very HARD for this Mama... I am just NOT READY for an empty house all day. BUT we are so PROUD of Harrison and everything he as overcame to get to the little boy God wants him to be. He is the light of our lives. We are are blessed beyond measure. 

last day of Pre K
First day of Pre K

 He even did the opening for his graduation and he did such a great job.

 And you know we had to have a little party when we got home. It is amazing how much fun $12 at the dollar can be. Decorations, 2 big gallons, and some hot wheels and super heroes.

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