Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football?

 Basketball is over and Harrison is signed up and ready to go for spring soccer. Here is the rub.... Soccer and Flag Football are at the same time so we thought we would do soccer, then we find out that the coaches that Harrison had for fall soccer and basketball were coaching both soccer and football, and several of his buddies. This means Harrison also wanted to play football. And since we are not in school yet we considered doing both, and Harrison keep on asking and asking and asking.

So John told Harrison to do some "research" and come up with a presentation to convince him that Harrison should be able to play both soccer and football, and since soccer was already paid for that meant he only had to convince John on football.

So as soon as John left for work we started on research, and watching you tube on how to play flag football. Harrison told me what he wanted in his "presentation" and it was poster time.
And since John was not home yet when we had to head to the YMCA for practice on the last day of sign ups we made a video and sent it to John. Then had YouTube videos to show him when he got home,
Here is Harrison's presentation, he still gets a bit nervous with his speech as you will see, but John said YES! So in a couple of weeks soccer and flag football will begin.

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