Friday, February 17, 2012

Year of Dates... January

John has to be one of the HARDEST people to buy gifts for. He really does not get into gadgets, he does not play golf etc, he has every tool know to man, and on top of that he HATES to spend money so any gift I get him he asks how much it costs and then half of the time he returns it.  I LOVE him dearly but it makes gift giving VERY tough. So this year for Christmas I had no ideas and I came across this post  on pintrest and thought a year of pre planned mostly pre paid for dates would be fairly safe. We never seem to make time for date night and this "gift" would help us make it happen. So for Christmas John got 12 envelopes of dates. They are at least 1/2 paid for and if I had seen this idea sooner I would have had them 100% paid for.
So January's date was a slumber party at home (actually a 2 night slumber party). Half of the dates are at home, since we don't really have a babysitter since the move and being at home helps keep the cost down and it gives us more time really alone.
So in the envelope there is a letter explaining the date, a movie, a subway gift card,  and a couple quiz books.
So when John came home the "date" was all set up and Harrison was sent to bed early
I really did not know if John would like this gift of not but I think he enjoyed our first date and we are looking forward to the rest of our dates.

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