Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sad day

It is a SAD day for this Mama. Harrison asked to put his trains ALL OF HIS TRAINS in the attic. He has been mentioning it for a while but this morning he had a friend coming and he insisted that the trains went to the attic.  Ever since the move he has not really been playing with them. We thought the biggest part of it was that his room was upstairs and he did not like being up there without us. But lately when friends have come over he has gotten upset because all everyone wants to play is trains. And really who would want to play with anything else when you see tubs and tubs of trains and train tracks? So anyway the trains are in the attic at least for now.

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Carol said...

Oh girl, I remember that day well! The good Elliott plays with them! Evan calls Thomas "stupid" now and it absolutely breaks my heart because he loved him sooooo much! :(

Time flies too fast!