Sunday, January 22, 2012

A few Harrison Sillies... right from the facebook status for the week.

I just told Harrison to take the recycling out ( one of his jobs) he said no... I asked don't you want to save the earth? Re replies with "not today one day won't matter "  This is the same kid that yesterday had to bring his glass sparking juice bottle he from Starbucks because they did not have recycling .... So he brought it home so he could recycle it.

He also told me this morning that he sure hopes State Farm does not move us for Daddy's Job until AFTER next week since it is dinosaur week at school and he has been looking forward to it all year ( and NO we have no plans of moving anytime soon )

So Harrison just informed John and I need to have a date night.... And he said no worries Abbie (the 4 year old neighbor that he took the rose to ) could babysit him. Lol. He is a mess.  The little girl Abbie came to play yesterday then after her big sisters came home he went down to their house. When I went to pick him up there where 8 girls playing and Harrison. John was proud but I am scared :)  

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