Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

My parents always come to  our house on Christmas Eve so they will be here for Christmas morning. I do a lot of cooking all the time and when we have company it adds a bit to the cooking, and I love it but it is nice to go out and NOT have to do dishes some times. The Past 4 years we have went to PF Chang's for Christmas Eve dinner this year we did Hibachi since we don't have a PF Chang's in town.

 Then it was Home to set up and decorate our "Santa Tree" we set up a read tree Christmas eve with all homemade ornaments that we add to each year and that is where Santa drops his gifts.
 We also all open one gift on Christmas eve. It is usually a small gift but since Harrison only really had one item on his list this year we just got him a couple of things and nothing really small so he opened this  super soaker... but he picked this gift because he  thought it was his race car track.

About 4:30 he informed us that while at Grammy's the weekend before that he FOUND a race car track.... this was the ONLY thing he asked for and it was to be from SANTA. We had it shipped to Grammy's so he would not be home when it showed up. Well we went into panic mode, so John and I made a mad dash to Walmart to find another Santa worthy gift, since nothing else we got him was very exciting :) and Home we came with a Large remote control car. He had mentioned a few times he would like a remote car. And we were VERY glad we had planned on a smaller Christmas so we were able to grab a new gift. NO fear he did get the track it was just from Mommy and Daddy instead of Santa and he had to wait to find it after everything else was done for the day with a treasure hunt.

 Ready for bed.

And goodies left for Santa and the reindeer too.

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