Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Basketball Camp

This week Harrison starts Basketball. We have not worked much on these skills and most the kids have already played so it could be interesting. But we want Harrison to try things out to see what he really likes. Yes we have done T-ball, swimming, horse riding,  soccer, and now basketball and we  have told him that after he has played everything a couple time he will have to pick one or two things but for now we are just trying things out and getting in some good habits of being active.

Two days before Christmas the local college had a basketball camp and one of Harrison's buddies' Dad is one of the coaches so I sent him off to a day long Basketball camp. When we got there he teared up a bit, not because I was leaving him but because he felt  he could not dribble good enough. But he went on and stayed and Had a good time. When we picked him up we even saw him make a few goals and the coach said he never got discouraged and worked very hard, so we were proud of him.

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