Friday, December 9, 2011

A few more Family Tradations

 We have enjoyed our advent calendar for three years now. In the past there have been in little treasures in the pockets each morning for Harrison to enjoy and counting down till Christmas. This year since he is older we have moved on to Family activities instead of little prizes. Movie night, game night, look at Christmas lights, bowling etc. Today he had a coupon to use to go to the gas station and get a candy and or drink of his choice. This is a TREAT at our house and one he LOVES so he was super excited.

 I got our advent calender at pottery barn kids 3 years ago here is a Link to their new version. This one of those things that I had wanted for a couple years and knew we would use it for years to come and could pass it on to Harrison's family when he is grown. So when I got a little extra birthday money a couple of years ago I knew just what to get :) I had looked to find cheaper versions but just loved this one.

Last year I got this Melissa and Doug Nativity set here is a link and Harrison just loves it. He can play with it and recreate the story with out fear of breaking anything and it is cute to boot.   I did not even get the glass set out this year and put this one up where the big set usually goes. Last year we left on the floor in front of the tree so he could play as much as he wanted but wood pieces and dog are not a good mix so it has moved to the top of the piano.

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