Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas 2002

This is from 2002 when John and I where dating.... Time is not always our friend.   This picture was actually taken on New Year Eve. We were on our way to a Tim Mcgraw concert. I had been in Florida visiting  my Grandfather and talked Mom into leaving a day early so I could make it home in time to make it home with my favorite man. We had only been dating  a little more than a month and Christmas was a very tough time. We knew we were meant to be together and already talking marriage but to everyone else it was "too soon". We would go to family functions alone and then rush back to Bowling Green to spend what time we could together. I remember rushing back to Bowling Green on Christmas night so I could actually see John on Christmas day. When I walked into his apartment he told me "I never want to spend another Christmas apart".

Another note about this picture is I bought this Christmas tree and all the ornaments. John wrapped the lights, so I would not have to take them off and they are still on the tree today.
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