Saturday, October 8, 2011


I know I have not been blogging much since the move. I just can't seem to get back on top of things.  But here is a short update and I will post more with pictures soon. Harrison's 5th birthday is in two days so we are in full birthday mode. We have some dear friends from our former town coming in to visit tomorrow for a couple of nights. Then the end of the week I have a childhood friend, and cousin and their kiddos are coming and Harrison's birthday party.

But I think Harrison is settling in to our new house and town. He is playing soccer, taking swimming lessons, and enjoying school. We have not yet found a place for him to ride but thought would give him some team activities so he could meet some friends. He has fit in with him team mates well, and we are starting to set up play dates etc which Harrison and Mommy enjoy.

We are settled into the house even though I keep wanting to change things around :) Once I get curtains up it will feel more like home I think. I could not put my figure on what was missing and I think the windows just need some help. There is not a curtain or rod one in the house so that will be next on the to do list.

We have pulled out all the landscaping and have replaced the front yard, and working on getting the back yard planted now. I would never have thought to look but john found all of our new plants on craigslists... We enjoy doing the yard work but I am glad things are starting to pull together. Now if we can just get some grass to grow in the back yard.

This past week we also took Harrison to his first football game. He LOVED it... even a year ago he would not have been able to handle the crowd or noise level but he did great. Here is a picture (not great just from my phone) I will post more later.

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