Friday, September 9, 2011


 This past weekend Harrison had his first ever hot dog bun. Before he was Gluten Free He never had a hot dog that was not cut up (and I still cut it up really small). We get all his bread from Katz Gluten Free Bakery, we order it and it comes in a box to our door in a couple days and we throw it in the freezer. They recently started making Hot Dog buns so I ordered a pack for his birthday and pulled one out on labor day. He gave it a thumbs up!! But at $4+ for a pack of 4 he won't be getting them everyday. But for birthdays and cookouts they will be handy.


CJA said...

yay! we may have to order form there, Jaelyn hates the instore bread but love the jasons deil bread... was H the same way? is that why you dont just buy it at the store ? also she tried waffles today gf ones and LOVES them... :) thanks for all your advice and help :)
I am thinking about going GF with her it just will make things easier for her as she grows up :)I can do "without" bread bc well.. its not the best in the world but I think the other stuff I can deal with :)

Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

This stuff is just better than anything we have found in the store. if you order $30 worth it is free to ship so I order $30 and freeze. they also have a free sample pack you have to pay the shipping which is like $7 but it is worth it to see if you like it.

Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

in store the Udi's is the best the only brand we will buy if we are out of Katz. and I usually only pull out half a loaf at a time so it will last longer. The Udi's does have good chocolate muffins that I do get in a pinch for birthday parties etc. but Katz has a cupcake with icing and sprinkles that I try to keep on hand for school parties etc.