Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of Pre K

 Today was the much needed first day of Preschool. Harrison has been counting down the days since we moved to the start of school. He is SO READY to meet some friends and enjoy his school time.  When I was taking his "first day of school picture" he told me that I did not need to take his picture since he had been to school before just not this school.

This year was so smooth, the other mama's were sticking around and he looked at me and told me I could go on and move :) This was such a nice change... how far he has come.  Last year we had to FIGHT to get him moved into the class with the kids his age because of the speech and sensory issues they wanted to hold him back. And the year before we were worried since he could not talk at all and the other kids made fun and said he sounded like a baby. This year was a GREAT first day :)

Now I am not for sure what I am going to do with myself this year. Before I have always had stuff to do at John's office or running for the office to do. But Now I don't have that to do... So we will see what I can get into. John and I are trying to keep up our lunch dates on school times.
 Just a few faces of Harrison.

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