Friday, August 12, 2011


This summer my canning has been interesting. I did not plant much garden since I knew we were moving so I have done most of my canning and freezing at dads this year. I did have enough tomatoes for a bath of salsa the day before the packers came so what did I do... Make salsa. Mom and Dad came to visit last weekend and brought tomatoes with them. So while unpacking the ripest tomatoes were made into spaghetti sauce, and the rest were saved for a couple days for a double batch of salsa. Last weekend at the farmers market mom and I could not pass up the peaches so I also canned 9 pints of peaches last weekend. This week at the market I got a good deal on cabbage so made kraut. The recipe is here  If your interested. It is the easiest thing ever. Don't know what's next. Need more fruit and salsa and spaghetti sauce we will see if it gets done this year.

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