Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best Parts of New House

I am not easy when it comes to buying a house. John and I have lived in 4 homes since when have been married, an apartment, a condo, and 2 houses, and getting ready for move  #5. I guess it is a good thing we like to move since we will be doing it A LOT For the next 20-25 years but experience does not make the process easier or quicker for me.

On our list for a new list were in this order
1. big yard (fence would be great if not we would have to put one in)
2. big kitchen with Granite or other hard surface
3. large master bath (ours is TINY now and we so miss a big bath)
4. walk in Attic access (this has been a MAJOR issue in our current house)
5. at least 2 living areas.
 other nice things, 3 car garage (so maybe a car maybe get to park in the garage), 4 bed rooms, 2 bed rooms on ground floor, etc

While the new house does not have EVERYTHING Is has most of the things on our list. The first item on the list is a BIG YARD.... this was a tough one, most of the houses we looked at had tiny yards, Harrison spends hours a day outside and in his barn, which can't be moved :(. If it is above freezing he is outside most of the day. These pictures are of our current yard and We LOVE IT.... so we had HIGH STANDARDS.

While our yard is what we will miss the most about our current yard the new house actually has a great sized yard, the lot is a little over half of our current lot but with a smaller front yard the back is almost as big. Here are a few Pictures, It needs A LOT of work but you know we LOVE yard work so it will be in shape in no time. The new yard has a FENCE mature trees (which we just don't know how to live without), a place for a garden, and even pear and peach trees :)

The next thing on the list was the KITCHEN and no washer and dryer in Kitchen and this house has an AWESOME KITCHEN.... really a WOW factor. Since I COOK A LOT my current small kitchen has been interesting. Here is the current kitchen and yes I only have about 2 feet of counter space.

And THIS is the NEW kitchen, I can't wait to get in it and do some cooking.

So the top 2 things on the list we found. The only things on our wish list that we could not get were a 3 car garage, the Master is the only bedroom on the first floor so some company may stay in our rooms if the stairs could be an issues,  and we will have 2 living areas, but the one is very small since we are making the bonus room Harrison's room so we will have two guest rooms.

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Carla said...

I had to go back and read the prior post to catch up and understand what was going on. Good Luck with everything! Where are you moving to in TN?? How far will you be from your parents?