Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

My Busy Books.... these are SOOOOOO CUTE and kids LOVE them. I don't know about you but my child LOVES little figures etc. These have a book with box attacted with 10-12 small charatcher figures along with a play mat to play on. There are girl ones like princesses, my little ponies, etc, and there are ones for the boys too, thomas the train, Cars, Toy Story. We have the Toy Story, and Harrison will be getting the cars on for Easter. I have a friend that has several and her kids LOVE them too.
 Online they tend to be expensive, but you can find them at TJmaxx (my fave store) for $6-$9, my friend got some at walmart, and I ordered one from Barnes and Noble. So keep your eyes open, they are great fun.

I also LOVE this new yogurt, the peach, and strawberry I like the best, but they are GREAT you should try them.

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