Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Parkhurst Family Has Grown.

Our family has grown by 4 feet tonight....

Meet Murdoch the 11 week old Goldendoodle. A goldendoodle is a mix between a golden retriever and a standard poodle, Murdoch is called a F1b which is mix of a goldendoodle and a standard poodle, so he will be curlier and less allergic than even the regular goldendoodles. They are suppose to be laid back, super smart, easy to train and don't shed. Harrison has been REALLY been wanting a dog and we have looked at many different options. And we have heard nothing but great things about these dogs. We went tonight see some adult dogs to decide on the size that would be the best fit for us. There are 3 sizes and we could not decide between a medium or the standard. The standard (which Murdoch is, but hopefully on the smaller size) are usually 60-100 pounds and that seemed a bit big. But we saw dogs that were up to a 100 pounds and they were not near as big as we thought they would be.

 Harrison has been saving his money, he was up to $61  so he took it to help pay for the puppy.
 They are already best buddies. Harrison will walk away from the dog and say "come on Murdoch, follow your best friend"
 isn't he just too cute. His hair is really curly but he had just had a bath and brushed out.
 And this is the man until 2 days ago was saying NO DOG, not now not ever....

And this is a full grown Goldendoodle.

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Carla said...

Don't you just love how dad's say no way, and then something gets to them! Matt said no swing set and no sand box and what would you know, the next summer we got one! Now he says no little hard plastic kiddie pool, but I hate to tell him, we're getting one! It's going to be a long summer for Ciara if she doesn't get to play in the water and she doesn't care if it's 4" or 4'!!!