Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fish Update

Remember  this post when John got Harrison and fish while we were in Oklahoma?  Or this post about the replacement fish?

Where is is an update

This is what The 2 1/2 fish tank looks like now. There are about 15 worms from Grandpa's in the dirt and we have have planted onions and carrots to watch grow. Harrison thinks this is GRAND! I am just hoping that the plants actually grow.

Why? You ask is the fish tank filled with dirt? Long story short after the second dead Betta we decided we would get a filter and try a different type of fish. but it was just a few dollars more to get this.

So he how has 6 new fish in this 10 gallon tank. We have had to replace a couple but we are holding our breath that we have it set for a bit now. :)

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