Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pottery Barn

I LOVE Pottery Barn (kids)!!!! Yes their prices are high and yes their goodies are not a necessity. But OH HOW CUTE!!! And when it comes to boy stuff, it is very hard to find CUTE, NOT TACKY, NON CHARACTER goods. Pottery Barn Kids Always has thing that fit the bill. Now you can get good deals with them too, I often check out their clearance goodies, and they have big in store sales twice a year, and I stock up then for birthday gifts etc. This year after Christmas I ordered this stocking for Harrison I think it was $9 not bad right. We did get a PBK table for his train table so it would grow with him and he can put chairs with it if we ever out grow trains. Now keep in mind this is the ONLY piece of furniture we have bought for the child ever so it was not that big of a spurge. When we got his table I ordered (from clearance) a bean bag bench for like $19 it had originally been $70 so another good deal.

We had the above star quilt on Harrison's toddle bed and it was washed two or three times a week and held up great. So last year for Christmas Harrison got a twin size red star quilt since we knew it held up well (and we did not have to change rugs, decor, or curtains, and we could change out "theme" cowboys, trains, sports easily). A few of the stars were starting to fray, which I have NEVER had an issue with from anything we have from PBK, but when you have a child that has sleeping issues you till to have to wash bedding a little more often :) if you get my drift. So I sent them an email just to see if there was any warranty etc. I thought maybe I would get a coupon for a % off or something at most. But NO a few days later with no Ifs, ands, or buts, an brand new quilt came in the mail!!! I LOVE POTTERY BARN, and now John won't ever fuss about the price again :)

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