Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year

So what are you trying to do this year.

As almost everyone I would like to get healthier. We eat pretty well, and John and I keep trying to keep each other active. But we can always do better in this area. I know how important good health is.

I am working HARD on slowing down and being HOME more. Yes we like to go and will are still going to do that but I am working on hard on doing more AT HOME and running less. We are done with speech and OT so that gave us LOTS of time back, we cut riding back down to once a week, and Harrison is going to Mother's Day Out 2 days instead of 3, since I am only having to be at the office one day a week now. We just had TOO MUCH going on and the weeks were just passing too fast. I want to enjoy this time with Harrison so I am making it a priority to spend more time and at a slower pace. My goal is just to run errands once a week and maybe running the library before or after Mother's Day Out once a week. So far this month we are doing good. We will see how we keep it up.

I still plan on our trip with friends and family but just slowing down our day to day lives.

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