Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meatloaf--- stuffed peppers

 I use my own meatloaf recipe but just put it in thick slices of bell peppers, from the farmer's market. This was yummy but the best part is how easy it is to serve, great for company. I am going to try to freeze some pepper rings while they are cheap. I freeze peppers to cook later so they should would out fine. I put salsa in the bottom of the baking dish before putting the stuffed peppers in the dish.
I make Meatloaf like this, large loafs, small loafs, and even patties from time to time, I also usually double this so I can freez some. . I freeze patties and small loafs to have on had for John's lunches, He really likes meatloaf. I just put the frozen pattie etc  in the oven for about 30 till warm through.


1 lb ground beef

1 slice of bread soaked in milk and excess drained off (To make Gluten Free I use chex cereal instead of the bread)

1 egg

half of onion finely diced ( I usually put a bell pepper in diced too but not today since I was stuffing the peppers.

diced block cheese about a handful

I had some veggies too (shh. don't tell John). I chop some mushrooms up really fine and spinach too, when I have fresh corn I will put a handful of that in there too.
1 T mustard

1 T ketchup

salt, pepper, garlic salt, chili powder

Then dust the top of loaf or stuffed peppers with more chili powder.

Bake at 350 degress till done through.

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