Friday, January 14, 2011

a few things I am LOVING

I like most of Method's products, we use the all purpose cleaner, Harrison uses the shampoo and soap, toilet bowl cleaner, etc etc. but nothing its as good as the Good for Wood floor cleaner and furniture cleaner. I LOVE them and they smell SO good.

I have this food processor and I use it and my kitchen aid stand mixer daily if not multiple times a day.

I also learn to Love my Cricut more all the time and now I have figured out how to cute the vinyl, thanks to some friends help I a looking for all kinds of ways to use it.

Pamela's baking products are the BEST by far of the Gluten Free baking mixes.  The chocolate chips cookies are wonderful, I like better than any other chocolate chip cookie I have made. And anytime I need a cake or cupcakes I use their chocolate cake mix and follow the directions for the sour cream cake.

I also got the shark steam mop for Christmas and LOVE it. All but one room of our house has hard wood or tile so this is used a lot at my house. I feel like I get things clean and it drys super fast which is great with little ones running around.

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