Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feeding the bunnies

This weekend we enjoyed the company of some of my college roommates and their little ones. Yesterday they all wanted to head out and feed the bunnies. So we pulled out a bunch of Harrison's boots, My boots and even Johns so everyone had a pair. The out we went.

The pictures on this post are backward (thanks to a new update on blogger) .

 This is Alyssa, daughter of my roommate of 3 years ( she lived across the hall our freshman year). Alyssa is 3 and just too cute. None of them wanted their picture taken and some even though she was freezing hers turned out the best :)
 Harrison is 4 and the oldest. He started feeling bad while everyone was here so we are praying that no one else catches anything from us.
 Samuel is 4 also and 26 days younger than Harrison. Samuel is our "cousin", His Mom, Rebekah is my third cousin and we grew up together. We both headed to western the same year with the same major (even though those both changed) Samuel is full of energy and he and Harrison enjoy playing all kinds of things together.
 Kate is 2 and the youngest. Her Mom is April and we were roommates for 2 years but friend the since our first day of college. April and Rebekah were roommates for 2 years also. This was the first time any of us had meet Kate since they had lived in Virginia until recently. She is too sweet and she and Alyssa were instant friend. holding hands everywhere they went.

We Played out side until we were all too cold to stay any longer.

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