Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thomas the Elf... Elf on the shelf

We thought we would jump on the elf on the shelf bandwagon this year. For those of you that don't know this tradition, the "elf" visits your house during the day and watches you and returns to Santa each night to report on if you were good or bad. Then the next morning he is back, but watching from a different spot. You get the elf and a book telling what it is all about it. You get to name your elf and you can register him online and we even get emails from Santa and recipes from Mrs. Claus.

Our Elf is above and his name is THOMAS, I know big surprise... Harrison LOVES him talks to him all day and really concerned about being good for Thomas' report to Santa. He leaves him treats at bedtime, and little items in a little stocking just for Thomas. This is a very fun Tradition that I am sure will be in our family for years to come.


Lori said...

Thats too cute, Josh came home tonight and was talking about some Elf thing & then you blog on it. We are going to have to get one

Carla said...

Do you move yours around during the day when he isn't looking? We do and Ciara loves trying to find "Fred".