Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Cowboy is ALL GOOD

Harrison had his 4 year check up today. We waited a bit since we thought he would have been sedated for his CT yesterday and since most medicine has Gluten in it we only wanted to go through the withdraws from the gluten once. So today Harrison had his check which included a hearing screening, vision screening, blood work, and 4 shots, and we did not even get all the shots that we could have.

Doctor said he was perfect, which we already knew. He weighed 43 pounds and was 42 inches tall which is 90 percentile for both. Doctor was really pleased with his process and happy the gluten free diet was doing so much for Harrison

Harrison got this hat when we were in Mississippi and I has gone EVERYWHERE with us since then. It is nasty dirty but he LOVES it and it really goes everywhere.

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