Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silly Boy

It is no secret that sleep has never been taken for granted at our house during the past 4 years. Harrison does a GREAT job sleeping now and has ever since we started him on the Gluten Free Diet. However the trail at hand is that when he is at Mother's Day Out he takes a nap which he does not do at home anymore and in turn he does not go to sleep till like 10 PM or later when his bedtime is 7:30 and on days with no naps 7:30 is late some days. He reads, plays, etc when we put him to bed which we are fine with IF he is in bed AND quiet. But what we find once he goes to sleep sometimes makes up laugh out loud.
If you look close under the quilt, stuffed animals, and book you will see trains and toy story toys peeking out. And in the morning when all his treasures are not in the bed with him (since I take them out in fear that he may poke an eye out) he gets MAD.

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