Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Doctors :(

Tomorrow Harrison has a another CT scan here is the link http://parkhurst1.blogspot.com/search/label/doctors from the last round of these test. This is just to make sure nothing has changed since Feb. If there is no change, and we are not expecting there to be any change, Then Harrison will not have to have another scan for several years. The last time the doctor said the two things that were not "normal" on Harrison's last scans were not "uncommon, and most people never know they even have it" and they should not effect him at all. But better to be safe than sorry so we are doing another scan.

We have to be at the hospital at 7 am and the scan should be at 8. He will be sedated so there is some risk. Our biggest prayer is that the meds will not effect him as much as last time. Once he is awake we will head to the neurosurgeon for the results. Then Thursday he has is 4 year check up and shots with his regular doctor. We held off on the shots since they and and meds he will get tomorrow both have gluten in them. We wanted to going go through the gluten withdraws only once :)

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